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I am terrorized by feeling loved September 10th, 2014 by CarlPlease add a comment

It’s always the same story: I like a woman, I court her, I see her, I even have sex with her and everything goes well until she tells me or I understand that she’s getting affectioned or falling in love with me. When this happens I feel terrorized, I feel discomfort, I feel entrapped, I want to escape.
My behavior becomes hateful, rude. And then she leaves me. When this happens I loose all my phobias, I deeply suffer because of abandon, I look for her but it’s too late. And I subside again in the suffering of loneliness. This is my destiny.

Distant Destiny April 19th, 2013 by jessePlease add a comment

I see her every other day. We talk, we flirt a bit, and i think about her all the time.I can feel this burning inside, but I'm too scared to let her know how i feel. Will she accept it? Reject it? i can't be rejected by someone so….perfect for me (as it seems) in every way. She seems like the perfect girl for me…but does she feel the same? she walks by, my plams sweat, my heart races, and I freeze. I can't think straight! ….I can see myself telling her how I feel in my mind, but doing it is as scary but full of love at the same time….so little time to tell her…only a month left. Is this a nightmare, or is this destiny? 

I have decided to be single in my life  January 19th, 2012 by MaheshPlease add a comment

I’m 27 and single. I want to love but at the same time I’m afraid. All these days I thought I will find a perfect match for me. But recently I have decided that it would be better to stay away from girls. I had a girl as my best friend. I don’t know what happen, she started avoiding me and ignoring me completely. Sorry to say, the fact is I cannot read girls mind:(
After breakup of my friendship I was very depressed and deleted my social networking profiles and now trying to stay away even from my friends. I’m broken……I’m a sensitive guy with a lot of feelings. I just believed in loving my relation. I love my friend……I love my best friends….I love my parents and I love everything I do………but after that breakup I lost in my own thoughts. Now, I have decided to be single in my life………previously I was confused whether to love or not but now its confirmed that I will never ever allow a girl even as a friend in my life…..I’m afraid it will happen again.
After seeing all these, I understood that my problem is called philophobia. 

Complicated  January 19th, 2012 by Chris1 comment
Resultado de imagen de PHILOPHOBIA MALE STORIESI just heard about philophoby recently. As soon as I heard the symptoms I became amazed of how much my personality matched with them. I have never had a girlfriend. Just hook ups and what not. What has been holding me back is not being able to appreciate the girls that want something with me…my independence is the most valuable thing in my possession. I would love to fall in love one day; in fact, I did and I messed up. Her name was Michelle and I knew we liked each other.
All my life…girls have been trying to get with me (I have rejected a good 20 something girls), but I just do not want anything with them. With Michelle, I felt deeply in my heart that she was the one. But I never dared. One day I was decided to tell her everything. I failed, and the worst emotion of physical sickness engulfed my body.
Now I want a good woman to share my moments with, but who knows what will happen. The only thing that dies in the end is hope.

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