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BIG MIRACLE - movie worksheet

It goes for 5 miles from here to the open ocean
Three gray whales are now trapped in walls of ice 6 inches thick."
"You have whales in trouble and you didn't call me?"
"I didn't call you because there's nothing you can do."
"There's always something you can do."
"Rachel, I'd like you to meet Fred and Wilma and this is Bam Bam!"
"Everything is gonna be ok."
"Governor Rascal, we were wondering if you could [3]______________ a ship that can break
through the ice."

"Are you serious?"
"With every passing hour, their path to freedom slips further away as more of the ocean turns
"All we need is a cooperation from the government but the governor has [4]____________ turned
his back on the whales."
"I hate her so much.”
“We will do everything we can to help these poor creatures."
“Pretty amazing huh?”
“The national guard will pull the icebreaker towards”
“We desperately need it.”

“The poll should be a piece of cake.”
“Nothing is that simple in the Artic.”
"This is a monumental task as all eyes and efforts are [5] _____________ on
saving the whales."
"The temperature has dropped through the floor. We can't keep up with the ice."
"The town of Barrel has [6] _____________ down as school children and shopkeepers alike,
furiously work to cut a path through to the ocean."
"Where's Bam Bam? He is not coming up."
"Maybe he is hurt."
"You can't go down there it is too [7] _______________."
"The only icebreaker within navigable distance belongs to the Soviets".
“We will be dammed if we are going to let the Red's end save the day.”
"Then those whales are going to die.”
"[8] ________________ they are big and powerful
They are so much like us. We are vulnerable, we get scared and we need help sometimes too."

Big-Miracle-movie-wallpapers-1920x1200-3-460x2871. plane
2. solid
3. mobilize
4. basically
5. focused
6. shut
7. dangerous
8.Even though

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