lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013


10 CLASSIC False Friends (3) for English Learners

Here you have some mistakes in this collection of common false friends and wrong words (RED COLOUR)- there are some classics! The right words are written in pink

1) Beckham *accepted to play with the English team again. ??? -AGREED
2) There just isn't enough *place in this apartment for two people. ??? SPACE
3) There's a lot of *concurrence in the car business in France. ??? COMPETITION
4) You *are obliged to take the train to Villers Cotterets. ??? HAVE TO
5) My boss is starting a new *English formation tomorrow. ???TRAINING COURSE
6) Our benefits were excellent last year - up 33%. ??? PROFITS
7) This goal can be *realised in two ways - the easy way... or the hard way! ???ACHIEVED
8) Many problems have *arrived in this company. ??? HAPPENED /OCURRED
9) Volkswagen is *notorious for excellent quality. ???REKNOWN / FAMOUS/WELL-KNOWN
10) Microsoft is *implanted in many different countries all over the world. ??? LOCATED

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